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Understanding Backend Sales Is Like Riding a Bike

Think you've got this online marketing thing all figured out? You've got a website, maybe you do a little affiliate marketing, or even sell your own products. But something's missing. You're still not making the kind of money you know is possible - the kinds of profits the big-name marketers are making.

What you're missing is a back end.

Don't let the name fool you. It might come last, but the back end is the single most important part of every online business. Without one, you're just another nickel and dime marketer struggling to make it online.

Creating Backend Offers isn't hard, but there are some things you need to know before you begin:

  • The difference between a product and a business - most marketers get this wrong, and it's killing their profits!

  • Why a past customer is far more valuable than a potential customer - and how you can use this information to make more money with less work

  • How to painlessly increase your advertising budget - just by building a better backend!

  • The single most important consideration when you're developing backend products - let this slide and you'll soon find yourself without any business at all

  • The secret to increasing your conversion rates from so-so to spectacular - get this right and you'll be playing in the marketing big leagues!

The money is out there, but without a back end plan, you're just leaving it on the table. Don't let someone else come along and steal your profits right out from under you. Get started building your back end today!

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