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Backend Sales Strategies


3 Ways to Make a Backend Sale

Here are five effective backend sales strategies that you can apply to your business and watch the money roll in!

Backend Sales Strategy #1 - The Confirmation Sale

Every time a customer makes and completes a purchase on your site, they should be brought to a confirmation page, which provides them with a confirmation number for their purchase as well as a brief ‘thank you’ from you for their business. This page is more than a mere illustration of your gratitude. It is a great place to continue the sale. Have you ever bought a product on a site that shows you what others who have purchased a particular product also like? Well, they didn’t ask their customers what other products they like. They are making a sales pitch! They are most often showing you products that compliment the one you are currently viewing. The same idea should be applied to your confirmation page on your website. When a customer makes a purchase, place products in your shopping cart that they might also be interested in.

Backend Sales Strategy #2 - The Follow-Up Email

While less immediate than the confirmation sale, a follow-up email can work wonders for your customer relationships and your business. People like to feel appreciated and if you send them a follow-up email thanking them for their purchase, they will respect you for it. In addition to thanking them, this email can also serve as an effective backend sales tool. For instance, in this email, you can also offer a special discount on their next purchase if they act within a certain amount of time - as a token of your appreciation of course. Remember, don’t make this message too salesy. It’s about following up strategically but with class.

Backend Sales Strategy #3 - The Triple Threat

Why stop at just one approach? Why not apply a number of backend sales strategies all at once? Hit your customers up (in a respectful and strategic way of course) three different times to ensure your best chances at making a backend sale.

1. While they are shopping, include products similar in topic on the same pages. As a customer clicks to review one product, they should also see products that compliment that particular item. This is not only helpful when grouping and organizing your products on your site, but it is also a great way to make additional sales.

2. Show your customer additional products they may be interested in on their confirmation page (directly following their initial sale). This is what we previously referred to as the Confirmation Sale.

3. Send a follow-up email to once again thank them for their purchase and also make them a special offer.

If you apply these backend sales strategies, you will be sure to gain additional sales and increase your revenue stream while concurrently pleasing your valued customers. Remember, the more valued and appreciated your customers feel, the more likely they will be to bring you repeat business, and recommendations.

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