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Increase Your Profits 30% With a Thank You Page Upsell

The thank you page is one of the most profitable and often most overlooked pages on a website. With a great thank you page you can increase your profits by at least 30% - Sometimes even doubling your profits. In this article, I’ll show you how.

How to Use an Upsell to Increase Your Per-Customer Profit

In this example, let’s say you’re selling a $20 eBook product. Your average customer value is then $20.

It might feel great at first to even just be making sales - But you’re actually leaving a ton of money on the table if your business is based on that first sale.

People who meticulously upsell often find that their upsell rate is somewhere between 10% and 30%, usually with a much higher price product.

Let’s go through one example.

Example: A $200 Upsell

If you’re selling a $20 product, putting a $200 upsell on your thank you page may be a very good idea.

If you only get 10% to buy, you’ve just doubled your average customer value. If you get 20%, you’ve tripled it.

The reason this works so well is because they’re already in a buying mentality. You’ve gotten them all excited already, they’ve built trust in you and they’ve already pulled out their credit card.

If you offer them a killer deal, why wouldn’t they just take it on the spot? Which brings us to our next point …

The Secret to Successful Thank You Pages: Urgency

If they could just come back later and get the same deal, why would they buy now at the thank you page?

The goal of the thank you page is to give them an amazing deal, so good that they can’t help but take you up on the offer right now.

Give them a big discount. Throw in a coaching call with you. Make the deal so sweet they’d be crazy to turn you down.

It’s much harder to have to keep pummeling someone with emails to get them back on your site and back in a buying state.

Instead, just hit them when they’re already hot. The moment after they’ve made a purchase is the time to strike. Take advantage of it!

Upselling is Required for a Successful Long-Term Business

If you just want to build an overnight business selling $20 products, then upselling isn’t necessary. However, if you want to build a long term successful business, then upselling is a crucial part of your strategy.

Almost every successful marketer in the world lives by the motto: “The money is in the back end.” Upselling is what makes a great business run.

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