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Backend Sales Strategies


Get To Know Your Backend

Getting to know your backend shouldn’t be too difficult - your product line is already in place, your business is established and you have had success with a decent customer base… But are those customers bringing you repeat business?

If they are, you have been lucky. But don’t depend on that sort of luck to stay with you through thick and thin. You have to strategize and work hard to keep those customers coming back for more, and you can do this without ever sending them another sales pitch - or at least not inadvertently.

So how do you do it? How do you sell to your customers without blatantly selling to them? You apply proven backend sales strategies that will help grow your business and your bottom line. There are a number of tried and true approaches to take, but the most important part of making back end sales strategies work for you, is understanding why and how they work in the first place.

First things first, you should carefully consider your options when selecting an e-commerce solution. Be sure it offers a scalable solution as well as one that provides opportunity to sell on the backend. In other words, you should have the ability to automatically insert specific information that appears once a customer has made their purchase. In addition, this information can be used each time the customer logs in, in the future.

For example, if a customer purchases an e-book on how to manage a successful affiliate marketing campaign, that information is then logged and stored in a database, which automatically populates their check-out session with related products. When that same customer returns a month later, their information is triggered and they are directed to products and offerings that suit their buying history. If you have a repeat customer who is always interested in the topic of viral marketing, then their profile will reflect that, showcasing products that fall under that topic umbrella. Trending is important to take note of, and a properly designed database will help you do just that.

Once your e-commerce solution is in place, you will need to focus on the customer. In fact, you should always be focused on the customer. Engage your customers before they ever even enter your site through enticing linking campaigns, social media and viral marketing. Once they are on your site, your quality products and first-class offerings should immediately intrigue them. Employ classic marketing techniques, creative language and lead them through the site in an intuitive manner.

If a customer finds your site easy to use, easy to navigate and welcoming, they are likely to return time and time again. Customers are, after all, the driving force of your business, so you must cater to them on a professional and somewhat emotional level. `Backend sales strategies are about more than making a sale. They are about engaging the customer through important calls to action. Showcase your robust product line like never before by putting a quality e-commerce solution in place that will not only help with the check-out process, but will allow you to grow and enhance your business while simultaneously improving the user experience.

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