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The Secret Mindset to Success: How to Sell Backend Products Without "Selling"

Most people don’t like being “sold.” Most people don’t like being the one hard selling either. In fact, most people who are trying to “sell” their customers just end up alienating their customers, driving them away for good. So how can you sell successfully without appearing to “sell?” Here’s how.

The Secret Mindset to Backend Sales

The secret to successful selling is not selling at all - But recommending products that they would want anyway.

In other words, your attention is on providing more value to your customer. It’s not on how you can squeeze the last dime out of every person you meet.

This is how you build long term customer value.

Example: What Kind of Wine Would You Like With That?

One great example of the attitude of adding value is a really good waiter recommending wine.

Instead of being afraid of asking for a “sale,” or trying to pressure customers into buying something, they’re very clear that they’re offering something the customer actually wants anyway. That’s why they can look at you, casually smile and ask: “What kind of wine would you like?”

Of course, a great waiter can also educate you on why one wine is better than another, especially for the kind of dinner you’re ordering.

This comes entirely from an attitude of giving more value. If you don’t want to order wine, the waiter isn’t hurt - He gets it. However, if you do want to order wine, he’s happy to help you with that.

Taking the Principle Online

Amazon is a great example of this. Amazon does not try to hard sell you into a related book. Instead, they recommend other products that may be relevant to what you want.

Can you imagine how disastrous it would be for Amazon if they did try to hard sell customers into buying another book? It would drastically decrease their long term customer value.

Yet that’s what many online business owners are doing.

Instead of trying to hard sell people, give them options for why they might want to purchase another product. Make it clear and make sure they totally understand the benefit to them.

Remember: You can always make another sale another day. There’s no reason to alienate a customer by hard selling him or her.

In direct response marketing, it’s often a balance between applying sales principle while not giving customers the experience of being sold. If done well, the whole sales process can be pleasurable. If not, it could feel like being pressured by a greedy salesperson.

How to Learn More About Back End Sales - The Right Way

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