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Backend Sales Strategies


Backend Selling Techniques:  6 Money Making Ways to Package Your Products

There are many ways to package your back end products and upsells in a way that increases sales and profits. In this article, we're going to talk about five such techniques.

Silver, Gold and Platinum Editions

One great way to upsell is to package your products into Gold, Silver and Platinum editions. This allows you to upsell multiple products at the same time.

After a customer purchases a silver edition, if you can offer the gold upgrade for 35% off, that could create a lot of perceived value.

Offer a Second Item for Less

Another great way to upsell is to offer the same item, a second one, for less.

For example, if they bought a pair of shoes, you might offer a second one at 15% off.

The "By the Way" Checkboxes

These are sprinkled throughout the checkout process. They're not "hard" upsells where you're trying to convince someone to buy. They're just checkboxes that people can check to add extra things to their purchase.

Would you like this gift wrapped? $4.99 [Checkbox]

Then, a little while later,

Include a special finish? 3.99 [Checkbox]

So on and so forth. Basically, it just allows people to add on an option for a bit of extra profit if you so choose.

The Similar Products Upsell

If someone buys a pair of shoes, why not offer them shoelaces? If someone buys an apple, why not offer them a peeler?

Brainstorm as many similar and related offers as you can. Put these before, during or after the checkout process.

One Time Offer on the Thank You Page

One great proven technique is the one time offer on the thank you page. What makes this work are two things:

1)  Something that makes it a really good deal - Either an incredible bonus or a great discount on another product.

2)  A limited time window - Create a massive sense of urgency.

In other words, the experience they should have is that they can get an amazing deal - But only if they take you up on it right this instant.

Upgrade to a Packaged Deal

If they just buy one eBook, why not offer to upgrade them to the whole packaged deal on the Thank You page?

In fact, not only can they upgrade to the whole packaged deal, but they can have it all at a massive discount!

This is a great way to turn a small eBook buyer into a eBook and DVD buyer. Or even to an eBook, DVDs, CDs and Workshop buyer.

There are many ways to sell back end products. These are just some of the many ways. Pick one, or come up with your own way to try increasing your back end sales. The most important thing is that you start upselling now.

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