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Backend Sales Strategies


Parallels in Backend Sales Strategies

For every internet marketing scenario there is a - for lack of a better term - "real world" application. That is not to say that internet marketing is not the "real world" but it is certainly a microcosm in and of itself.

Let's explore some typical, every day situations where backend sales appear in more practical applications, and then we will apply them to world of internet marketing.

Situation A: Retail Sales

Be it in a store or online, a woman purchases a little black dress. Recognizing that she can't wear that dress alone, and herein lies the perfect opportunity for a backend sale. Now, in a store, that backend sale would most likely take place before she actually cashes out. But while she stands in line at the register, she notices some strategically placed accessories - necklaces, earrings, handbags and even pantyhose. As she waits, she peruses the items and decides she has found an item or two that will compliment her dress. Retail success!

The online version of this story takes place on eBay. The woman finds her little black dress, and upon check-out, notices a number of recommended items. Again, she decides to purchase an item or two that will compliment her dress. Success yet again.

Situation B: Food Industry

Ever notice the recent trend in restaurants, especially in large chain restaurants, to offer combination deals? Some most notably include 2 for $20 dinners that include an appetizer, entre and dessert. Other deals entice you by incentivizing your meal with a discounted dessert. And others entice diners to come back with common backend sales strategies like coupons and special reservations.

Situation C: Automobile Industry

Car salesmen get a bad rap, but do they really deserve it, or are they just trying make that sale? Well, probably a little bit of both, but those who employ effective backend sales strategies are the successful salesmen who really bring home the bacon.

For example, you walk into a car dealership and pick out a car. You test drive it, like it, wheel and deal for the price you are willing to pay. When you finally come to a decision, and are comfortable with the salesman, that's when they hit you. "Would you like to purchase the extended warranty? It really is worth it." - Or how about, "If you purchase our service and maintenance agreement up front, you will benefit from free oil changes for life!" - This, my friends, is backend selling at its best.

The common thread that runs through each of these examples, and that can be applied to your online business and internet marketing techniques, is that for every sale, there is an opportunity to sell more. For every product purchased, meal eaten or car bought, there is an accessory, another course or a warranty plan that goes perfectly with it.

The same goes for internet marketers. Don't let your customers walk away with one ebook, one webinar or one report. Let them know you care about them and their success by continuing to offer products that compliment those they have already invested in. They will be glad you did. And so will you.

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