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Backend Sales Strategies


4 Places to Sell Your Back End Products

Once you've decided to upsell your products, the next question becomes: Where and how? In this article, we're going talk about the four most common and most effective places to upsell your back end products.

On the Order Form

One great place to upsell is on the order form itself. Just add the product in a checkbox at the end of the order form, allowing people to just "check" it if they wanted to take the upsell.

There are two main philosophies around this:

1)  To just upsell right on the order page. This makes it very clear and easy for people to click on an upsell.

2)  To wait until after you have their credit card information to upsell. This ensures that even if you don't make the upsell, you're not going to lose the main sale.

The truth is, everyone gets different results. For example, GoDaddy upsells before, during and after the checkout process. They're able to do this because people need to buy their domain and aren't going to leave just because they're upselling.

Most marketers don't have that luxury. Best option? Split test where in the process to have your upsell.

On the Thank You Page

The thank you page is another great place to upsell. When people buy something online, they generally are now feeling pretty good about the fact that they just made their purchase.

If you upsell on the thank you page and give them an incredible offer they can't refuse, then you've very likely to make a sale.

Marketers often report upsell rates of 10% to 30% - Far up from the typical 1% to 3% conversion rates on salesletters!

On the Phone

What?! Actually picking up a phone and calling a customer?!

Yes. There are many, many examples of this technique making businesses tons of cash.

The ideal format here is to test the sales script yourself first, understand how it works, then pass it off to other people who can do it for you.

One such company in the "learn dating skills" industry does this very well. Anytime they get an order for over $200, they call their customers to upsell them a $30/month subscription. Their close rate is high and accounts for much of their business success.

Naturally, this is more work. It's your choice whether you want to take this step or not.

Through Email

Of course, you'll want to keep on selling your customers over the long run.

By continually building a strong relationship with your customers, you'll be able to keep marketing to them through email.

The key here is to build a relationship that allows you to continually market to your customers.

Start With One

The most important thing is that you get started now. Start with just one. Most marketers find that their profits increase so much, they'll wonder why they hadn't been doing it this whole time.

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